I Love New York

A lovely example of the direct way New Yorkers communicate: A sign on the train platform reads, “If you see something, say something.”

No bulleted list and nothing that originates in a bulleted list. A compound sentence. What fun!


I got a tip on how to buy an RV affordably: FEMA is selling off excess inventory; the agency bought them in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Apparently there are some pitfalls. The FEMA RVs aren’t equipped like commercial ones and need some work to get them road-ready. This is promising news, though!


Having built my main business site at www.barbararuthsaunders.com, it’s time to reclaim this one. The suddenly aptly named Roaming Writer will now chronicle my journey from Bay Area urban person to …. FULLTIMER! Stay tuned.

In Work, Is Passion Really Necessary?

Everybody talks about passion in work. Some people say one should follow a passion to right work. Others argue that chasing a passion isn’t practical. Corporations and nonprofits alike want passion – for the cause, the technology, the industry. Making “passion” into a hiring requirement leaves many of us with a dilemma. How many of […]

Time Freedom or Attention Freedom

Time freedom is something I’ve pursued for a long time. Though some people don’t like the sensation of work “hanging over their heads,” I much prefer waking up with a particular thing to accomplish, knowing that I can knock it out after my workout or put in some time before the shower without having to […]

Back in the Saddle Again

“If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere” is quite a dare. I never tried New York as an adult. I can’t quite give up on the Bay Area, though. Queen Anne, Seattle, seemed more a bubble than San Francisco ever did.

Contract? Freelance? Consultant? Read Between the Lines

Like many people of my generation (“X”), I’ve held a lot of jobs and worked a lot of gigs. The way that various terms are used to describe non-employee work get distorted, in my opinion – usually to the disadvantage of the worker. How I see it: the words aren’t important; watch out for the […]

Another Lens on Careers to Avoid

Many of us suffer from the dilemma of knowing what we don’t want before we know what we do want. That’s not always a bad guide though. I wish I’d considered this criterion for jobs when I started out: “Never take a job that requires you to do something you’d never do if you weren’t […]

Embracing the Random

I’m joining a cool project, helping a photo-essayist to produce a treatment for HBO. No pay, but I could use the new experience. Who knows where such a thing could lead? Note to self: even before achieving the 4-hour work week, the 40-hour-work week needs to include at least 4 or 5 hours, if not […]

“While I’m Here …”

Twenty years ago, I heard a motivational speaker say that she thought a purposeful way to live was to pick a problem to work on in that would not be solved in your lifetime. The social entrepreneurship movement has changed this mindset. Fighting the good fight, David and Goliath-style, against problems like “world hunger” once […]